Vogue Picture Record RARE R730 w Side 2 Risque Sexy Cheesecake Postcards Artwork

Vogue Picture Record RARE R730 w Side 2 Risque Sexy Cheesecake Postcards Artwork
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Vogue Picture Record RARE R-730
Two Sexy Cheesecake Postcards
ALTERNATE Back Artwork !


Artist:   Art Mooney and his Orchestra

Title:  All Through The Day / Piper's Junction

Catalog number: R-730

 This is an EXTREMELY RARE version of R-730 with alternate back artwork.

Side 1 features the standard issue artwork seen on all R-730s.  Side 1 matrix reads P-38-1, and the recording plays "All Through The Day".
Side 2 features two 1940's risque postcards  (sometimes known as "French postcards" though they are not formally that type of card).  One card has artwork by Walt Munson.  A "drinkers comics" theme, naval sailor surrounded by partially nude women on an island featuring the caption: "no matter where ever I roam I'm always true to my girly at home: oh yeah!"
The second card (card artist unknown) is another humorous risque comic postcard featuring an old man (teacher, professor) looking up the skirt of a young girl as she stands on a ladder peering through a telescope, with the caption: "There's A Wonderful View From Here!"  This card was produced by Asheville Post Card Co., Asheville, NC.  A "Colourpicture" Publication.  Recording plays Piper's Junction.
There is one notable scuff on side one (not a scratch) and tiny scuffs visible in bright reflective light.  These are very faint and most likely from viewing and returning the record to the cover, not from actual play.  Side 2 has a few scuffs that are so faint they may not show in images (even with high resolution).  There are some cracks that appear in the white sheet between the aluminum core and the post cards (all under the vinyl coating).  They are in the white paper sheet only and are a result of the pressing process.  They do not affect the play of the record.
Both sides of the disc played very well.   Disc has a high luster and vibrant colors.

A note on Rarity: 
This disc is unique and likely ONE OF A KIND since it was made privately at the Vogue pressing plant as either a test pressing or possibly as an unauthorized employee project (which was known to happen at the Vogue plant).
The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors web site mentions: "examples of very valuable Vogue picture records would be those that were "personalized"; we've seen examples where someone autographed the illustration or glued a photograph to the illustration and then ran the record through the press."

This very rare and unique (possibly and likely ONE OF A KIND) Vogue will make a fantastic addition to any VOGUE PICTURE RECORD collection.  Don't miss this one.  You will probably NEVER get a chance at one like this again.

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NOTE;  We have dealt in rare Vogues for many years and contributed to Edgar Curry's Vogue Picture Record book 2nd ed.
We are finally selling the last of our very rare Vogue Records which were prototype or Sav-way employee made oddities.
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