Beatles ANTHOLOGY 1 Store Display Never Cropped Printer's Proof

Beatles ANTHOLOGY 1 Store Display Never Cropped Printer's Proof
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BEATLES ANTHOLOGY 1 VERY RARE UNCUT STORE DISPLAY PRINT 1995 - Made in USA. This is a very rare uncut version of the Beatles' Anthology 1 in-store countertop display featuring the full classic image (with the drum modified for the Anthology project). An extremely small number of these were released from the printer before the image was cut for final assembly and production. The lower edge of the image features licensing information, Apple logo (left), Capitol logo (right), and announcement of the release of the single "Free As A Bird". It is printed on very heavy stock posterboard and features the full image, printer's cut lines, and color codes. It measures 28" x 28". Condition is excellent/near mint! This print is of framing quality and a fantastic addition to any Beatles collection! See below for an example of this full image compared to the cut and finished product.

(final cut version of promotional display is shown for comparison only)

  • Artist: Beatles, The
  • Format: POSTERS and ARTWORK
  • Catalog number: none
  • Release year: 1995
  • Record Company: Capitol
  • Music Genre: Rock n' Roll
  • Products Condition: Excellent
  • Country of origin: United States

  • $99.99

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